Writing a diary entry lesson plan

Display diaries in the library along with Diary of a Worm so the whole school can enjoy the stories. When we read a story we see it from the perspective, or point of view, of the narrator, who may also be a character in the story.

Remind students of the components of a diary entry the date, as well writing a diary entry lesson plan a salutation such as "Dear Diary". Provide students with time to discuss with their partners what animal they will research.

Ugly Duckling Story Ordering Game: Objectives learn about an insect or animal and record simple notes as they read. Provide students with the appropriate labels for their baseball caps optional. Remind them to focus on their part only. They can illustrate each entry. Some stories have more than one narrator, so we get different perspectives on the story.

Distribute copies of the Diary Planning Sheet and explain that students should use the sheet to structure their diaries, filling in what will go on each page of the diary. If you teach older students, you might also assess the diary contents. D, Q, S, U Game: Have the members of each group share their illustrations with one another.

Make connections and provide examples, such as the following: Encourage students to use different diary entry ideas within their pairs and to choose different items to emulate, as they will be writing the diary together.

Have you ever used or made up a secret code before? Before reading the ending of the book, have the students try to put together the images from the different perspectives to infer what the entire picture might be.

Distribute copies of Doreen Cronin as Our Mentor. She will share her diary entry example with students and model a think aloud to show students what she was thinking about as she wrote the example. Different characters in the story have different perspectives on the events.

Download all 5 Story: It may be helpful for struggling students to have a list of the terms and definitions to use while writing their diary entries. Encourage students to explain their thoughts as they discuss. After this discussion, finish the book. Older students would enjoy reading their diaries to younger children.

Make sure that each set of partners does the following: Auditory learners will benefit from hearing the teacher read her example aloud.

Ask students whose perspective they think Fish Is Fish will be told from and why. If your school or local library does not have the book, you might ask your librarian to check with your state library system.

Ask them to predict what the entire picture might be. Assist students in navigating the sites and finding the needed information. The teacher will circulate the classroom to ask and answer questions as students work on the assignment.

Independent working time 30 minutes Explain that now students will be writing as if they were slaves on the Underground Railroad. Guided Lessons are digital games and exercises that keep track of your progress and help you study smarter, step by step.

Have students draw what they think the rest of the photo might look like, without looking at the other pieces. You might have students copy facts about their animal onto note cards -- one fact per card.After reading or viewing The Diary of Anne Frank, students will make connections between audience and purpose and revise a journal entry with an outside audience in mind.

Writing for Audience: The Revision Process in The Diary of Anne Frank - ReadWriteThink. Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans. Lesson Plan Multiple Perspectives: Building Critical Thinking Skills.

Multiple Perspectives: Building Critical Thinking Skills

For a diary entry about a nightmare the animal might have, you could think aloud: “Well, when I have nightmares they are always about something I am afraid of, so what might this animal be afraid of—afraid enough to have.

Unit Plan: Journal Writing from a Graphic Timeline. By Cate Sanazaro. Grades. 6–8, 9– Duration. 5 CLASS PERIODS Offers teachers a lesson plan for getting students to think about their identity and their goals through brain storming and journal writing.

This activity also encourages classmates to get to know each other.

Unit Plan: Journal Writing from a Graphic Timeline

GRADES. Lesson 2, Anne Frank: Writer, concentrates on the diary with a look at Anne Frank the adolescent and Anne Frank the writer. Students then practice one of Anne's writing strategies—self-imposed rules about how she would compose a particular entry--with material from their own lives.

Nov 29,  · Writing a diary entry from a spider's perspective helps students understand point of view and provides them with practice in persuasive writing. For more information go to full lesson plan at http.

Diary Writing Complete Lesson – Mr Stink

INTRODUCTION. Using the published diaries of Anne Frank, or Zlata Filipovic, introduce students to journal writing, a form of autobiographical writing in which the writer records personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Writing a diary entry lesson plan
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