Unit 11 explain how relationship marketing can be applied to a selected business

Adidas main competitor is Nike. The internet allows a great deal for price transparency for consumers. A company like Adidas has to buy the materials it used before it can sell finished products.

An organisation like Adidas is using the data in a number of ways. All the tickets for Rome will go up because many people than want to go to Rome to be at the funeral.

Benefits of disintermediation are that the company is saving money by cutting the middle man. Some businesses are also offering chats to customers they can ask their questions to each other but also can talk about the products the business is delivering.

Having such information easily accessible can significantly improve the speed and quality of customer service. When there is much demand to the product and there are not many products in stock the price will go up. Opportunities for business efficiency The increasing availability of the web gives Adidas all kinds of opportunities to speed up their interaction with both suppliers and customers.

Benefits of globalisation are opportunity costs, trade terms, balance trades, comparative advantages, changes in consumption and production, and how much cheaper it is to purchase than to produce. This means they can compare prices easily between many potential suppliers.

If customers have a complaint they also can send an e-mail by special forms, which is handy to the business because than they can category those complaints.

Unit 41 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management

For business working with supply chain creates smother faster ways of dealing with the firms they regularly buy from. P5-Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. P4-Describe the benefits and opportunities to the business of using Internet Marketing within the marketing mix of a selected business.

Adidas is offering special offers to that particular customer, offering add on to their recent purchase or by allowing the customer to personalise their own product. Most of communication will be done through internet.

The advertising benefit is that it informs the customer about new products, improves the sale of a product and it is a direct communication with the customer.

Unit 12 Internet Market

What changes could be made to improve the health and wellbeing of people in London? Customer benefits are that the organization knows what thereafter and they often receive emails with the latest stock and promotion.

Task 3 Description of problem to be solved: Wile the internet offers marketing benefits and opportunities it also throws up many challenges generated by an increasingly global marketplace.

The expert team of certified online tutors in diverse fields at Cheap Assignment Help. When you would like to buy tickets to go for Rome, it could be the tickets are quite cheap but if the Pope dies the next day.

Many people across Adidas are engaged in supply-chain activates, this involves delivering sales or services to consumers, sipping product, negotiating wit suppliers, trade partners, managing inventory tracking orders and any other tasks. We have also excelled in providing E-education with latest web technology.

Another disadvantage of having a website is bad publicity, If a customer is unhappy wit the previously products purchased they may feel the need to write their frustration online and refer the company website. Payment Security The internet offers the chance to use direct channel of supply to clients or customers this process is known as disintermediation in the tendency to cut out the middle man Customers are often concerned about purchasing products from the internet customers often here stories of hackers scammers and therefore reluctant to give credit or debit card details online it is a management policy how payments are taken how to reassure potential customers that it is safe purchasing products online with that business Meeting Customer expectation The internet continues to raise customer expectations and this is a challenge to all online business.

The Students can communicate with our online assignment tutors using voice, video and an interactive white board. The benefit of search engine optimisation is that it sows the rank of the business this means that more people are finding the website.Qualification BTEC National Diploma in Business Unit number and title 11 Relationship Marketing marketing can be applied to a selected business.

P2 In-class Assessment (Test completion) w/c 19 March Title Explain how relationship marketing can be applied to a. Unit 3 – Introduction to Marketing P1 – Task 1 What is marketing?

Marketing is the function that connects businesses to their target audiences’ needs. It is how a business presents and distributes their product to their audience.

Explain how relationship marketing can be applied to a selected business. Describe different methods used to attract and retain customers for a selected service/product. Use different techniques to identify perceived quality gaps for a selected service/ product. Explain how a customer relationship management system is used in a selected organization.

Tesco tries to achieve this aim and objective through Relationship Marketing by promoting their non-food products in store by putting banners up of latest deals and promotion of their non-food products so that customers shopping at Tesco will also try to look at their non-food section to see any products that they may like and decide to purchase.

task basic Qualification Unit number and title BTEC LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS unit 4 business communication Assignment title unit 4 business communication In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria. Learner to indicate the page number where the evidence can be found.

Unit 1 P6 Describe How Political, Legal and Social Factors Are Impacting Upon the Business Activities of the Selected Organisations and Their Stakeholders influence of political, legal and social factors on the activities of Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd and Croydon Health Services NHS.

Unit 11 explain how relationship marketing can be applied to a selected business
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