Thesis boxes and packages

A time out on the development and and a few days of making simple, easy to follow tutorials on how to build a basic 2 column static main page, blog page and the usual about, contact etc from scratch would help a large segment of their clientele, especially new customers.

Sorry it came out little long for you. While creating boxes facilitates adding new functionality, the other revolutionary feature of Thesis 2. Just to clear things, there is no upgrade bridge between Thesis 1.

An Introduction to Thesis: CSS & Packages

At first, all I wanted to do is go back to 1. Thesis 2 Amazing Boxes Thesis theme can extended by means of small modules, called boxes. Went back to the old version.

It really helped me make a decision. I think you covered all the highlights of the new Thesis and I like how you gave us the point of view as a skin developer and as a blogger. Just keep Thesis boxes and packages healthy discussion going so that we can all get up to speed as soon as possible!

I played with it for 4 days, tried everything, and was still left in limbo! I know I plan on waiting and I was glad to hear that they will continue to develop the old version. Creating Column Packages If you remember, our layout is composed of two columns.

It picks the values from the input fields and creates a corresponding CSS snippet for the same by imploding various input values.

Man, you need to test things before you actually use them, even if everyone tells you something else, you got to test it by yourself. I could say, the old version of thesis was just fine for me where you will just check in the design options. First thing is that, the whole layout is too confusing to me and secondly their is almost no tutorial on thesis 2.

Hands on Thesis 2: Head Editor, Skin Editor, Boxes & Packages

At this point, additional formatting changes are easy. Yes, it took some work to get these custom teasers established.

Thesis 0 Tutorial [Part II] — How To Create A Package

Skin editor lets you manage core WordPress templates, like index. I am currently in a fix between two themes, the Thesis with one of the custom skins OR this: Luckily for that otherwise it would have been a lot harder to get the blog back up on the old theme.

An Introduction to Thesis: The options are exactly that, options. Uploading a thumbnail image from your desktop is a simple click-and-go process: I was thinking about purchasing Thesis and read your review on the 1. There are many other features in Thesis 2 which will be covered in Hands on Thesis 2 series of articles, so keep in Thesis boxes and packages via TwitterFacebook or RSS updates.

For single-author blogs, the author and other filters are straightforward. Thanks for stopping by Ileane, I can tell that Thesis 2. Still on the Home core template of the Skin Editor, look to the lower-right.

This is going to help me and clear my doubts. Hi Lisa, Nice blog you have there. Please, get support from DIYThemes. Yes, you still can download the older version within your account, and they will keep supporting it, so basically you can switch back to it.

You are not actually purchasing version 2. You can view the rest of the CSS styles used in creating each package by viewing the stylesheet in the source files. New Thesis framework works on Parent-Child architecture where we work upon child themes, also known as skins.Here you’ll find a collection of plugins, boxes and packages designed specifically for Thesis 2 including a skin copier, responsive menus, boxes and more.

Another cool thing about Boxes and Packages is that once Thesis developers and designers catch the idea, you will see tons of them produced in no time! MarketPress works perfectly with Thesis 2 thanks to our collection of boxes and packages that let you configure your product pages any way you like.

This tutorial explains about Thesis Head Editor, Skin Editor, Boxes & Packages which will help you build even better websites.

Thesis 2 Boxes help you customize your site without get your hands on PHP and CSS coding or installing WordPress plugin. Make Two-Column Teasers Using the Query Box. This User Guide entry was originally written for Thesis.

In Thesisthis tutorial is recommended only for those using a Static Front Page. CSS Packages for Teasers in Thesis Guess what? Minus a bit of formatting, your teasers are done!.

Thesis boxes and packages
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