The effect of population growth

Effect on per Capita Income: In less developed countries the majority of population lives in, where agriculture is their mainstay. So the rate of capital formation falls. This leads to robbery, beggary, prostitution and murder etc.

Some scientists believe that our advances in Science will help augment the demands of a growing population.

Effect of Growing Population

It reduces per Capita Availability of Capital: The low farm productivity has reduced the propensity to save and invest. Adverse Effect on Environment: But today, government officials still work hard to boost the middle-class population in the area, while also dealing with struggling schools and neglected buildings.

High birth rate and low expectancy of life means large number of dependents in the total population. The terrorist activities that we find today in various parts of the country are the reflection of frustration among educated unemployed youth.

How has their growing population affected the country? Rapid Population declines Social Infrastructure: Chander Shekhar population in India increases by about 1.

So rise in population causes food problem. One example of the impact of population on economic growth can be seen in Detroit, where the local infrastructure suffered dramatically as people moved away. These factors are mainly responsible for stagnation in such economies.

But per capita income had risen around one percent. In less developed countries, mostly people live in rural areas and their main occupation is agriculture and if the population increases the land-man ratio disturbed.

This further leads to lower productivity and diminishing returns. Rapid growth of population accounts for low standard of living in India.

So a large part of foreign exchange is spent on it. It leads to the cutting of forests for cultivation leading to several environmental change. Unemployment, underemployment and disguised employment are common features in these countries.Some negative effects of population growth are insecurity, crime, unemployment, underdevelopment, inequitable sharing of resources, and increased pollution of the environment.

These negative effects lead to subsequent problems such as clashes and fighting. But it is possible that the effect of population growth on economic development has been exaggerated, or that no single generalization is justified for countries differing as widely in growth rates, densities, and income levels as do today's less developed areas.

Main Effects of Population Explosion in India

Effect of Population on Resources. Population growth was a concern as far back aswhen English economist Thomas Malthus predicted that it would eventually reduce overall living standards. In economics, labour is a factor of production and with an increase in the labour force, due to population growth, the total output may increase causing the GDP to increase.

Future population growth can only result to further degradation of our environment. It’s going to take some time before our efforts to correct our mistakes will have an effect. Not mentioned here are the effects of global warming, which will surely worsen due to the increased carbon footprint.

In general, population growth is driven by a higher birth rate than death rate, though several smaller factors impact that ratio comparison. Increased diversity and human capital are among the positive effects of population growth. It is often the negative effects, such as overcrowding, food and.

The effect of population growth
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