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For the purpose of this guide a minimal firewall is one that blocks at least TCP ports, andand UDP ports, and In addition, it is important to note that this document does not require any settings. On systems which are dual-booted with a DOS-based operating Systems installation and configuration essay such as Windows 98 you will also find a file called bootsect.

This is done primarily to make the guide shorter and easier to read. Please also note that we highly discourage applying these configuration settings to a computer that was not physically secured from the beginning.

Most modern SCSI controllers, however, do not require this file. Those tools are available at: The operating system files are normally stored in C: Specifically, it is highly recommended that, in addition to installing all the latest patches, the IIS Lockdown tool and URLScan be used on the server.

Terminology, Conventions, and Assumptions Throughout the document, the following terminology and conventions are followed: If IIS is not used, it should be uninstalled.

The settings in this guide are primarily designed for systems that are on a network protected by at least a minimal firewall or filtering router. Therefore, the recommendations in this guide are designed with the assumption that the computer is physically secure against unauthorized attackers.

Neither Windows nor any other operating system can change that. By its very nature, all settings are therefore recommended, although there are a few that are "highly recommended. However, it is by no means required that the boot and system partitions be the same partition. A bastion host system one that is directly connected to the Internet without any kind of firewall protection, has higher security requirements than what this guide is designed to provide.

Service Pack 3 may be downloaded from http: Although the configuration measures in this guide can be used to secure such systems, the specific settings may need to be revisited. Therefore, if a setting is shown in one of the security interfaces but is not discussed in this guide, the recommendation is to leave this setting at its default value.

Note also that in some cases we do not discuss settings whose default value is acceptable for the purpose of this guide. We recommend the use of NTFS on all hard disk partitions. By default, all of these files will be stored in the C: Boot partition — The disk partition that contains the operating system files.

NTFS is the only Windows file system format that supports security. Appendix C, "Windows Security Configuration Checklist"presents a configuration checklist to ensure all necessary installation and configuration steps are taken. In some cases, additional changes recommended for a bastion host are highlighted.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

An attacker that has physical access to a computer will eventually be able to break into it. This document provides security guidance only, and is therefore not in a position to make requirements.

Many of the settings recommended in this guide will not work with service pack revisions prior to Service Pack 3 — the settings were not tested with any earlier revisions of Windows Systems formatted with FAT cannot apply many of the security settings discussed in this guide.

On systems using certain SCSI controllers you will also find a file called ntbootdd. On such systems, significant functionality may need to be traded off against security. It is impossible to secure a computer that is not physically secure.

Such a computer should be considered compromised and should be rebuilt from scratch. The immutable laws of security state that if "a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer; it is not your computer any more" http: For readers who are not familiar with these concepts, we recommend taking one of the Windows administration courses.

These are detailed on the Microsoft Training and Certification web site, at http: This guide is not intended to be an authoritative document on how to secure systems running Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS. It also supports much larger drives, and is faster than FAT on all but the very smallest partitions.We will write a custom essay sample on Operating System Installation specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now Preparation is a key component to success. A comprehensive knowledge of the exact configuration settings for the options when prompted will ensure that the user does not have to go back and make changes later on.

International Technical Support Organization IBM Systems Director Best Practices: Installation and Configuration April REDP HP Client Integration Kit for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (CIK) is a plugin for the Configuration Manager console that simplifies the operating system deployment process for HP systems.

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* The equipment that will be installed in a room must be inside of or very near the room prior to the installation and configuration teams’ arrival. * All installation rooms must be clean and free of obstructions. MMIS Assignment 4 Information Systems Project Management Plan ERP system.

Systems installation and configuration You can is the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the drop-down menu.

To select and option, highlight the item on the drop-down menu and press Enter. As an Open Source solution honeyd does not offer any support or Graphical User Interface for installation or configuration.

The source code Fair Use Policy; Installation And Configuration Of Honeyd Computer Science Essay. which contains the Nmap signature database that honeyd uses to emulate different operating systems .

Systems installation and configuration essay
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