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Tennessee passed legislation prohibiting the teaching of evolution in It set quotas for different nationalities based on the number of people from that nationality that had lived in the US inthus discrimination against new immigrant groups.

He said this at his inaugural address.


Women are too exposed. Sacco and Vanzetti Trial- two Italian immigrants, Sacco and Vazetti, were convicted in in a Massachusetts court of committing robbery and murder. Isolationism- the belief that the United States should not be involved in world affairs. With the ratification, there was an uproar against it.

The net result was a dramatic decrease in European immigration from until Eliot and Hemingway expressed their unhappiness by moving into exile in Europe.

Five-Power Treaty- Nations with the five largest navies agreed to maintain a specific ratio with respect to their largest warships. They thought that the people were heroes for persecuting certain people.

Thought that the trial was unfair because the immigrants were convicted under radically political views and not the actual evidence.

He cultivated racial pride with mass meetings and promoted black-owned businesses. Red scare is an example of what people thought of immigration.

Fundamentalism- opposed the modernizing forces of the cities and upheld traditional values. Open shops- keeping jobs open to nonunion workers Welfare capitalism- voluntarily offering employees improved benefits and higher wages in order to remove the need for organizing unions.

DBQ – Roaring Twenties

He expressed that certain human races, mainly Nordics Nuggets- "Return to normalcy"- the campaign slogan for Republican nominee Warren Harding in It would have provided price supports to struggling farmers.

Labor troubles, and anti-Communist feeling brought a quota system in that limited European immigration for the first time in American history. Government agents raided homes, union halls, offices, and meetings, often without warrants, in search for communist subversion.

It blamed the liberal views of modernists for causing a decline in morals. Sacco and Vanzetti Inthese Italian immigrants were put on trial for the murder of a paymaster in Massachusetts.

They also believed in nativism. US banks would lend Germany huge sums to rebuild its economy and pay reparations to Britain and France. Believed in Nativism and thought that the execution was fair and for a good reason.

American Civil Liberties Union was eager to challenge the law, and found a biology teacher, John Scopes, who was willing to break the law to create a test case. Smith was a Roman Catholic and appealed to many immigrants.

Viewed it as a good thing because they thought alcohol was a sin and was frowned upon and caused social problems.Jan 28,  · If you would like to download the PowerPoint used in the video, please click here: Other videos I’ve done that relate to this topic include:APUSH Review: Nat.

Go Back to the Roaring 20's! The Roaring Twenties were probably the most well remembered era in the history of the United States. Returning veterans from World War I had no desire to return to working on farms or factories.

The Roaring 20's Dbq Essay examples; The Roaring 20's Dbq Essay examples. Words Feb 26th, 7 Pages. The College Board Advanced Placement Examination UNITED STATES HISTORY The Roaring 20's was a transitional period for the United States: New ideas, technologies, and taste caused an immense shift in popular culture.

DBQ A National Clash of Cultures in the ’s With the arrival of the ’s, new battles fought between traditionalist rural society and modernist urban civilization arose in the postwar United States.

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Roaring 20's DBQ

The Americans had just came out of the first World War and had entered a period known as the roaring 20's. They were going though intense economic, social, and cultural changes that put them in a system of great consumerism and isolationism.

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Roaring 20s apush dbq
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