Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful

The issue of "moral decay" cannot beanswered objectively as everybody has a different view of the idealsociety. Alcohol can cause brain damage and liver damage Did the Romans do more harm than good? Being part of a larger group of peers exposes you to the diversity in human behavior.

Peers may teach you good things and encourage you to follow them. And the solution is not in isolating them from peers. Very few have the courage to follow their heart and not the herd. Social commentators and politicians, even teachers,have weighed in on the potential dangers of computers.

If you are the parent, you have to be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of peer pressure that surround your teens. Giving Up Bad Habits: As a result, your child will be affected with such kind of behavior. It is to such a degree that one can say, to Xavier, morphine is the foundation of his resolve.

They are his peers, they make the group he is a part of. If you disagree with me, make an answer immediately Is alcohol more harmful than weed? My fellow classmates had a great influence on me; they made me want to do better, focus and most important of all be worthy competition.

The effect of peer pressure is always beneficial

A strong support from family, an ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong and the skill to choose friends from peers is the key to greet the positive effects of peer pressure and keep the negative ones at bay.

It is only in retrospectthat they can be judged to have been beneficial - the same appliesto computers. Not every individual orcompany in the world can afford the computing required to take partin this "virtual marketplace", putting them at a disadvantage.

They could also becurious to try something new that others are doing. Our peer group may actually persuade us to bring about a constructive change in our personality.

Looking at what others do, can help you bring a positive change in your way of thinking. All revolutionary technologies carry fundamental risks. Positive peer pressure can lead you to adopt good habits in life.

His approach, attitude and behavior will always be positive.

Pros and Cons of Peer Pressure

The rise of the Internet has increased the effect of computers.That's peer pressure. It is beneficial to a certain extent. But its negative effects are more apparent. Peer pressure can be of two types, negative and positive. The section of society which is most vulnerable to the effects of peer pressure is of teenagers.

Let's try to understand the positive and negative effects of peer pressure on people. Mar 13,  · It may be. If you work on the premise that most people are actually good, kind and supportive then yes, the peer pressure from most people is beneficial.

On the other hand if all of a persons companions/peers are from the minority of people who are not good, kind and supportive the peer pressure that they exert on each other is Resolved. Good morning teachers and my fellow students, today my topic of this debate is “Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful” and I am in favor of it.

Delve Deep: The Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in. Peer Pressure Is More Beneficial Than Harmful Good peer pressure, on the other hand, is being pushed into something that you didn't have the courage to do or just didn't cross your mind to do.

Some people say that good peer pressure is when you get pushed into something that you didn't want to. Feb 22,  · Peer Pressure Does More Good than Harm In this post of mine, I will try to convince you that peer pressure or influence does more good than harm, contrary to popular belief.

People believe that peer pressure is the main reason why kids are going astray today. Peer pressure leads teen to come up with right choices or decisions in life.

Good peers influence in shaping one’s personality in positive ways. In most cases, this is not about pressure all the time, but an inspiration which in return, makes good changes.

Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful
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