Osmosis coursework apparatus

I think using different concentration I will get a varied result. Apparatus s used for each experiment. This means that where osmosis has taken place and the salt solution has a higher water potential solution the potato tissue will be even shorter and lighter, as in the solution there will be less water molecules moving freely and these are the water molecules which diffuse thus meaning that there will be less water molecules diffusing into potato cell membrane.

I will also weigh the potato pieces after they have been cut and record the data onto my table. The fit needs to be tight and the sucrose should come up about half way see diagram. This band is then slipped over the visking tubing so that it grips the tubing to the bung.

The second graph showed as the concentration increases the volume of the potato cylinders decreases, which clearly supports my prediction. Method of Use[ edit ] A Clamp the apparatus in a retort standthen place into a large beaker of 0. Total volume of solution. I am going to measure the weight of the Osmosis coursework apparatus chips, in their corresponding order.

I will use the same size borer and pencil. Thus, the cell wall and cell membrane will collapse or shrink as there is no pressure being exerted on the membrane or the walls or there is less pressure.

C Put the apparatus into distilled water hypotonic.

Osmosis Coursework Essay Sample

Full Risk assessment and fair test: Then I will again collect this data on to the table I have planned. A ring from some narrow bore rubber tubing is cut and slippedover the capillary tube to act as a marker for the level.

Storage of the Apparatus[ edit ] The apparatus cannot be stored for more than a few days with the sugar solution inside, because it will go mouldy.

The first graph showed as the concentration increases the volume of the potato cylinders decreases, which clearly supports my prediction. However, again using the osmosis theory.

Moreover the water molecule in potato majority will diffuse out make even less turgid. I will measure the size and cut it too 4cm. The visking bags can be left attached to the bungs but should be rinsed and stored in water or a mixture of water and ethanol to keep the bag soft.

The line is of best fit and is non — linear steady curve, the line slowly decreases and goes down and slowly rounds of. Here are the possible variables that could have been investigated in this experiment. I will leave it there for 24 hours.

Diffusion Osmosis Apparatus

The potato cell also has a cell walls that control torpor of the potato cell. This osmosis this is the same for vice-verse. To make my experiment fairer I will make sure, When I put the potato pieces inside the test tubes that they are all 4cm long.

I am taking these precautions to make my results more accurate as well. A bung that is just small enough to fit snugly inside the visking tubing is inserted into the unknotted end. I will wear goggles during the activity part of the experiment to protect my eyes. I am going to use a potato corer to core out a potato tissue.

Length of Potato cylinders. Temperature- which is room temperature. This stops it from being squashed and distorting the results. I am going to place a potato on a board. At this stage the knot and the attachment to the bung is checked for leaks.

I know a potato cell will be or turgid when there is more water as vacuole and cell membrane can expend as it is confiding by cell wall so it exert pressure on it thus makes it more strong and turgid. It also has cell sap and reserved chemicals.Apparatus * 6 test tubes * 6 different concentrations of sucrose solutions * Potato * Potato cutter/core * Digital measuring scales * Measuring cylinders * Knife * Test tube racks * Coloured felt pens GCSE Biology Osmosis Coursework] Free Essays words ( pages).

- Investigate the Rate of Osmosis in Different Vegetables (Carrot, Potato, Swede, Parsnip and Sweet Potato) In this coursework experiment I plan to find the rate of osmosis in different vegetables (Carrot, Potato, Swede, Parsnip and Sweet Potato).

Double Thistle Tube, Osmosis Apparatus magnifies the volume and color changes of diffusion. Clarifies the concept of osmosis. A) Clamp the apparatus in a retort stand, then place into a large beaker of M sucrose (isotonic).

Make sure the visking bag is hanging freely in the solution. Make sure the visking bag is hanging freely in the solution.

Osmosis Coursework Essay Sample Osmosis is defined as the net movement of water or any other solutions molecules from a region in which they are highly concentrated to a region in which they are less concentrated.

NAME: NOR ASHIKIN BINTI ISMAIL STUDENT ID: A TITLE: OSMOSIS Aim: To investigate the movement of water through dialysis tubing. Apparatus and Materials: Refer to MFHS,BIOLOGY 1, PRACTICAL GUIDE.

Osmosis coursework apparatus
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