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Dhyan Chand was a brilliant hockey player who is still called as the wizard of hockey. There are various variations of the hockey; some of them are named as field hockey, ice hockey, sledge hockey, roller hockey, street hockey, etc. Shooting is the skill needed to drive the puck into the net and score goals.

It is not officially declared as the national game however only considered as the national game as India had won many gold medals in hockey. It is also played in other countries worldwide. Penalty shots are free shots at the opposing goal defended by only the goalie. If you need a custom essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper or research paper on your topic, EffectivePapers.

The side that scores the most goals wins the game.

It was an English school game however brought to India by British Army regiments. The team must play short-handed until the time is up or the other team scores.

At that time many hockey-playing Anglo Indians were migrated to the Australia.

Minor penalties are given for violations like holding, tripping or hooking resulting in two minutes in the penalty box. Yet, I still skate over there.

There are two main types of checks: A puck that crosses the goal line is a called a goal and scores a point for the other team. Players have to be alert all through the time till game becomes over. Now, it is our responsibility to make it an officially declared national game by bringing its golden period again.

It is not officially recognized however chosen as national game. A player may move the puck along the ice, pass it to a teammate, or shoot it at the goal, but rules limit these plays in certain ways. In this way the player keeps the opponent guessing as to the next move and also makes it difficult to steal the puck.

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Since then, hockey has become popular in many other countries including Russia, Sweden and the United States. Hockey is much faster and swifter than any other sport.

Forms of Hockey Other forms of the hockey derived from hockey or its predecessors are like air hockey, beach hockey, ball hockey, box hockey, deck hockey, floor hockey, foot hockey, gym hockey, mini hockey, nok Hockey, pond hockey, Okeey essay hockey, rossall hockey, skater hockey, table hockey, underwater hockey, unicycle hockey and many more.Free Essay: Ice Hockey This report is going to be on the game Ice hockey.

A game of hockey is divided into three twenty minute time periods that are called. Hockey Essay 1 ( words) Hockey is a national game of India however played all over the country. It is a fast game played between two teams against each other. - Persuassive Essay: words, including references written APA style Players Should Bring Hockey Back Players Should Bring Hockey Back Having reached another impasse in talks on January 26, in Toronto, between owners and players, there continues to be no NHL hockey season.

Essay On Hockey - Hockey is our national game. The game is played all over the country in all the states. India was the world champion in hockey for years. ice hockey essaysHave you ever wanted to play a sport, but you were just a little too unsure if you would like it or not?

Well I am going to tell you some stuff about the sport of ice hockey and hopefully make it so you decide to play the game.

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First let me tell you a little about the game of i. % FREE Papers on Hockey essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. .

Okeey essay
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