How i met myself themes

He realised that he should have paid more attention to the message his doppelganger was trying to tell him. He did not know whether what he had seen was real or he was imagining things.

John was told to go home as there was nothing else he could do to help. His willingness to accept new ideas and information provided him with the knowledge that doppelgangers do exist and that they appear to forewarn people of danger. This fear of the unknown caused a strain in their relationship and their marriage suffered.

David also writes,publishes and translates peotry. This encouraged him to search and gather information from various sources to solve the mystery of his ghostly encounter with someone who looked like him. It was this attitude that forms the basis of the story.

Among the ELT areas he is interested in are the teaching of young learners and teenagers, materials developmentliterature in language teaching and teacher training. Thinking outside the box: At work,his performance suffered as he forgot important things that he should have remembered.

If Andrea had supported and trusted John wholeheartedly, she would have co-operated with John and this might have prevented Andrea and Kati from getting into danger.

Even though Andrea did not support John and thought he needed to see a doctor, John did not give up. He was focused and determined to do all he could to find out what the message was about. His doppelganger pointed to two figures at a distance.

John did some research and found that a man, with a name similar to his, had lived in that area many years ago along with a wife and daughter — whose names were also Andrea and Kati.

When John looked up, he saw that the person looked exactly like him. This resulted in him losing concentration at work, staying out late and having arguments with his wife, Andrea.

He began to feel terrified and so did Andrea. John also realised that the person did not leave any footprint in the snow. Synopsis This story is about a man who met his doppelganger; a ghostly double of a living person.

John was an extremely persistent person. However, once their daughter ,Kati, was born, Andrea was constantly angry at him for paying more attention to his doppelganger than to his family. John took every opportunity to question and find out why the doppelganger appeared.

How I Met Myself

He did not know what to do. In the end, his persistence paid off and he found out a lot about his doppelganger. John had no choice but to find out more about his doppelganger on his own. John discovered that not only did he look like his doppelganger, they also shared the same name.

Andrea told John that his doppelganger had saved them by preventing them from entering the cafe. He was afraid because he could not understand what was happening to him and his thoughts were constantly on the doppelganger. He was walking home from work one day when he bumped into his doppelganger.

Being open-minded John was open-minded. Furthermore, his fear took a turn for the worse when he started having nightmares about the doppelganger.

It is only with persistence that we can achieve what we want. John was overjoyed to see that his wife and daughter were alive! Finally, he managed to solve the mystery because he was willing to think outside the box.A novel is a longer version of a short story.

The story usually centres on the activities and experiences of a character or characters. It is set out as a series of events or sequence with a plot, themes or ideas 5/5(1). Themes Based on ‘How I Met Myself’ by David A. Hill, a theme in the novel is family love.

In this novel, John and Andrea Taylor were responsible, loving and caring towards their family. Andrea was a responsible, loving and caring wife and mother.

Firstly, she cooked nice soups for John. ♥♥♥How I Met Myself♥♥♥ Themes. Determination: When John first met his doppelganger, he was very afraid. He did not know whether what he had seen was real or he was imagining billsimas.comr,when John became convinced of the doppelganger's existence, he became determined and persevered to solve the mysteries of the doppelganger.

How I Met Myself - Theme 1. Themes 2. John and Andrea is a couple who loves and cares for each other. When John is disturbed after meeting his doppelganger, Andrea tries to be understanding and supportive for him. She accompanies him to the Thirteenth District twice to look for the doppelganger.

When their marriage starts to show signs of strain, John makes more effort to pay more attention to.

How I Met Myself has ratings and 39 reviews. Priscila said: This simply sucks. Really stupid story. It's made of predictable situations told in an un /5. HOW I MET MYSELF (Characters & Characteristics) Main Characters - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

How i met myself themes
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