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Another experiment used a smartphone app to have participants track their activity, location and happiness levels throughout the day. The benefits of adding more exercise increased and then plateaued at about minutes of weekly exercise or an hour five days a week adding an extra 4.

The findings held true even for those individuals who were overweight or obese; adding exercise helped them live longer, while being obese and inactive decreased life span by up to 7.

It found that those employees who worked out before work or during their lunch hour reported feeling less stress and being happier and more productive than days when they skipped a workout. Guess who was most successful? They found that low-intensity exercise, the equivalent of a leisurely stroll, experienced a drop in fatigue levels and a 20 percent energy boost.

The second group, the motivation group, was given the same instructions, but also read a motivational speech. From making you happier to helping you live longer, regular exercise is key to living a healthy, balanced life.

By strengthening circadian rhythms, exercising can help keep you more bright-eyed during the day and bring on sleep at night. These same people were also happier on days when they were more physically active than usual, meaning that upping the ante on workouts can provide even more of a happiness boost.

Exercising regularly can help jog your memory. A study found that aerobic exercise, like running or swimming, boosts the size of the hippocampusthe part of the brain responsible for memory and learning, in women with a recognized risk factor for dementia.

Reduce your risk of heart disease naturally Get out of the medicine cabinet and reduce your risk of heart disease the natural way. The motivation group actually exercised the least, with just 35 percent.

Click here to learn more about the webinar. It also promotes better quality sleep. Increase self-confidence Feeling down on yourself?

It also sends more blood to your muscles, improving circulation, and can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Group three had a much higher rate of actually following through, at a tune of 91 percent, while the control group exercised at least 38 percent of the week. So short of moving to a blue zoneexercising for just 10 minutes a day, or 75 minutes a week, can earn you an extra 1.

One study thinks so. Axe on Google Plus Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. It received more than 3 million responses a year — and users were at their second-happiest post-workout. Is that TV show really worth it?

Improve memory Are you constantly misplacing your keys or struggling to recall names? Axe on Facebook Dr. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world But if you find your resolutions falling to the wayside, science has uncovered the secret to success: Plus, increased muscle helps your body burn calories more efficiently long after your workout is over.

Both groups reported steadily increased energy over the span of the six-week experiment. Just a few minutes a day of deep stretching can make a difference. Working out can make you happy long term; adding extra intensity can make you feel even better.

Free eBook to boost. Axe on Twitter 76 Dr. Become less susceptible to disease From fortifying your immune system against future cancers to reducing the risk of breast cancerregular exercise helps protect your body.

Group three, the intention group, added on to the previous groups by asking people to create a plan that set a specific day, time and place to exercise. Work with your doctor to set up an exercise plan that works for you. Axe on Youtube Dr. In fact, in those patients who already had suffered a stroke, physical activity interventions were more effective than drug treatment.

Not only that, but they also performed better on exercise days.How to Work Out essays Just about everyone wants to have a great looking body and there are many ways to change your body, such as lyeposuckion and plastic surgery, People who cannot afford these type of surgeries end up working out to get the body they desire.

One of the first questions that peopl. Working Out Essay Examples. 8 total results. A Football Life in My Eyes. words. 1 page. The Benefits of Working Out to the Human Body.

11 Benefits of Exercise — Start Working Out Today!

words. 1 page. Finding Yourself in Your Fitness Journey. words. 2 pages. The Favorite Methods of Relaxation among College Students: Working Out, Watching Television/Movies, and. Jun 06,  · The fact of the matter is that working out prevents people from becoming fat lazy bums who sit on their couches each day watching TV and consuming massive amounts of junk food which only leads to.

Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview How Does Exercise Help You Live Longer - How Does Exercise Help You Live Longer “Live long and prosper,” This popular quote is an example of taking over your life and prospering with good health.

Working there was certainly not a game, but my strategy was the same: work hard, remain focused, be mindful and respectful of those around me, deal with the inevitable curveballs, and take constructive criticism to heart, all in pursuit of a meaningful goal.

Working out can help a person gain strength, lose weight, and improve their confidence. Lifting weights and a cardio workout increases the body's strength. When a person lifts weight, he or she exerts strain on his or her muscles.

Essays on working out
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