Essay in music pleasure pop sociology

In a week period, I was able to play 1 simple song perfectly and I was so happy. I started being offered to play guitar at my church, at my relatives wedding and many other occasions. Doing these two activities is the most enjoyable moment of my life.

Playing Music Is My Hobby

In order to get more responses and comments from people to improve my skill in playing the guitar and my voice, during my spare time, I often recorded a song that I love and uploaded it to facebook and youtube.

Sometimes I have to do it several times because of my mistake in playing each of the chords smoothly while singing at the same time. Of all musical instruments that exist, I was most interested to guitar. I had a really fun time while doing this recording session.

Experience after experience, responses and comments from other people are things that encourage me the most to continue to play my music. As a child and a beginner in guitar playing, I began playing for my parents.

It brought me such a great pleasure for myself, relaxed my mind, gave new inspiration and many other unexpected things, for example inspiration to write my own song. My love of music began in the first year of my elementary school. More people knew about my ability and me, they started giving applause and some encouraging words for me to continue to learn and become a professional.

It gives you the feeling of relaxation and has many unexpected tunes that actually very nice to hear from a song, which made me interested and curious to learn it.

Music for pleasure : essays in the sociology of pop

Since then, I became more interested to music especially guitar. As I grew older, I spent most of my time in any activity or situation that relate to music.

I decided my self to take a private lesson to improve my guitar skill when I was 8 years old. Playing the guitar has been the most rewarding hobby of mine.

One of my cousin is a guitarist, when I saw him playing his guitar, I got interested and ask him to teach me the simplest technique how to play a guitar. I was so glad and this gave myself more covetousness to be a professional musician and entertainer.

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I enjoyed very much the time when I sat alone at my room played a song and sang at the same time. As I continue to learn, people started taking notice of my ability to play this instrument.

Nonetheless, most people do not concerned on my mistakes in the video that I have uploaded, they always appreciated and gave salutation for my music video.

For me, my favorite hobby is playing music and of course, listens to music as well.

I prefer Jazz to any other genre such as Pop and Classic, because Jazz music creates a unique different atmosphere when you listened to them.Add tags for "Music for pleasure: essays in the sociology of pop".

Be the first. The Sociology of Popular Music invites a varied and interactive approach. Integrating musical examples, engaging with technology and reflecting upon personal experience and knowledge will be central to our.

Music for pleasure: essays in the sociology of pop User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict "I am now quite sure that the rock era is over,'' begins British sociologist and popular music journalist Frith, author of Sound Effects (LJ 2/1/82). Pop (), Music for Pleasure: Essays on the Sociology of Pop€ Music for pleasure essays in the sociology of pop pdf - Inventors.

Music for Pleasure: Essays in the Sociology of Pop

Frith, S., Sound Effects: Youth, Leisure, and the Politics of RocknRoll, London, Constable, music for pleasure essays in the sociology of pop download music for pleasure essays pdfunderstanding a photograph john berger - marco bohressays on early 17th century english literaturefreejazzinstitute - music theory & - early music &.

At this point, the sociology of music should be taken into consideration with continuous and careful thought. There are various fields where the sociology of music has yet to venture; it should identify the basic elements to be able to find its relevance, yet it would require further examination in the future.

Essay in music pleasure pop sociology
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