Chapel of four chaplains essay contest

Preaching in Collective Protestant Worship

When dealing with other faith traditions, do so in a way that a person in the other faith group can recognize and claim as their own. In addition, if possible, installations may also offer separate services in the Anglican, Lutheran and other highly distinctive traditions.

My demeanor and tone may change as I move from a traditional service to a gospel service, but I will never try to mimic the mannerisms and vocal characteristics that some gospel preachers display. Know and Respect Your Constituents.

It would be a great time for you to talk about the Holy Spirit in your tradition. Collective Protestant services can differ widely in style and tone.

She still keeps in touch with many of the teens she met there eight years ago. We welcome the diverse gifts that our constituents bring to our congregation from their various Christian traditions. The manner and purpose of preaching may vary considerably as one moves from a liturgical to an evangelical to a gospel service.

When conducting services of worship that include persons of other than my religious body I will draw upon those beliefs, principles, and practices that we have in common.

Know When Not to Preach. The Army expects that its chaplains will remain theologically and liturgically faithful to the particular churches they represent and yet work together to serve the broader constituency in every chapel service.

As always, the thoughts are mine and not necessarily those of the government that pays me or the church that ordained me.

I have a rather high theology of the sacrament of the table. The second rule, then, is to expand your range of genuineness. For the purpose of this paper, preaching is what chaplains do within their faith communities.

Reaching Out to Jewish Teens: JCC Maccabi Games/ArtsFest

Without this, why preach? Those few teens who did connect to the Jewish community, however, seemed to find it not only a good chance to reflect on their rich heritage, but enjoyed hanging out with other Jewish teens their age.

I think there is room in Collective Protestant preaching for educating the congregation on the distinctive emphases that each group brings to the congregation.

Not every public speech a chaplain gives is or should be a sermon. For teens from areas with small Jewish populations, the experience of being with as many as one thousand other Jews can be astounding. Sincethe JCC Maccabi Games have welcomed Jewish teen athletes to gather in host communities and compete in team and individual sports.

I want to tell you why what happened on this day is so important to people from my tradition. In the end, the preacher still seeks to lead and shape the church through the preached word. As chaplains are reassigned, the particular mix of chaplains at any one location changes.

The mission statement of the congregation I lead in Korea included this affirmation: Those who use them in a stumbling, half-hearted or resistive manner rob these elements of their power.

The programs offer Jewish teenagers the chance to play sports they enjoy and create art in intense workshop settings with other Jewish teens, while infusing the several days with Jewish ambience and values.

Most of the people I work with do not. The trick is to know which is which. I will work collegially with chaplains of religious bodies other than my own as together we seek to provide as full a ministry as possible to our people.

Find ways to recognize and appreciate the different faith traditions present in the congregation. Our congregation serves as the temporary spiritual home for a wide variety of Christians brought together in this place by military service.

Think vegetable soup, not fruit smoothie.Oct 26,  · Preaching in Collective Protestant Worship My son’s class at seminary is discussing the topic of preaching in ecumenical settings. He asked me to write a short essay about how I approach the task of preaching in Collective Protestant chapel services.

15th Four-H (4-H) Scholarships – Senior Year, Accomplishment, and 4-H Club Scholarships IAHPERD High School Scholarship Chapel of 4 Chaplains – Essay Contest Chapel of 4 Chaplains – Project Lifesaver G.I.R.L.S.

College Scholarship United States Senate Youth Program. This paper will examine the history of chaplaincy from the periods of 27 AD to AD and find that the common principle among these priests of ancient times and chaplains along the spectrum of time is that they offer a glimpse of spiritual hope in situations that can be riddled in hopelessness, death, and despair.

Harry S Truman, The Four Chaplains Memorial Founda-tion has recognized selfless service around the world through its Legion of Honor Awards and Scholarship Programs which now include Four Programs for Four Chaplains. 1. The Legion of Honor Program which recognizes selfless ser-vice and interfaith/interracial cooperation throughout the na-do extraordinary things.

2. Aboard the DORCHESTER were four U.S. Chaplains - Protestant, Catholic, Jewish - who each in his own way answered the call to serve GOD and man. With arms linked, symbolic of their common bond, the FOUR CHAPLAINS remained praying on the deck until it sank into the black waters of everlasting glory.

This contest is available to students in grades 9 - 12 who know the story of the Four Chaplains. There are multiple awards from $ to $1, Based upon the information provided in the application, applicants will use their creativity to express what Service to others means through art or photography (no-larger-than 24”x30”), a word or less essay or second to minute YouTube video.

Chapel of four chaplains essay contest
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