An analysis of the novel the green mile by stephen king

I probably had more education, job skills, and a better career than most of the guards in that jail. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Racism and State Power vs.

The Green Mile was originally issued as a series of six chapbooks. A potentially rich dramatic situation defused by authorial hand waving.

Even his last prayer is his own, offering no forgiveness to his executioners, offered without the intercession of a priest. Despite playing no part in apprehending John Coffey, he later shows up at the execution.

This happened to me briefly when I was in a fight, which the guard broke up, so I was actually glad there was a guard that night. Characters[ edit ] Paul Edgecombe — The protagonist and narrator of the book and the death-row supervisor at Cold Mountain Penitentiary.

Jingles to Elaine just before the mouse dies, having lived 64 years past these events, and explains that those healed by John gained an unnaturally long lifespan.

The rest of the guards are furious with Percy as they have grown fond of Delacroix and believe he did not deserve such a horrific death. You just take it. Too much mundane exposition, and over-reliance on Deus Ex Machina. Wharton kidnaps the girls, rapes them while they are away from the house, and kills them.

Yet this same God sacrificed John Coffey who tried only to do good in his blind way, as savagely as any Old Testament prophet ever sacrificed a defenseless lamb…I think of John saying that Wharton killed the Detterick twins with their love for each other, and that it happens every day, all over the world.

And that Magical Negro? Jingles nicknamed "Steamboat Willie" — An unusually intelligent mouse who enjoys eating peppermint sweets. Paul is unsure how to help John, but John tells him not to worry, as he is ready to die anyway, wanting to escape the cruelty of the world.

He operates the switch room. He is punished by being placed in solitary confinement, but never seems to learn his lesson. He comes into prison and is fine to be there. I ended up trading it away just so I could re-read Jurassic Park for the millionth time.

Jingles after Percy stomps on him. Jingles, who becomes his best friend in his last days on death row. Percy is committed to Briar Ridge. He is very homophobic and attacks Eduard Delacroix for allegedly touching him, although it was an accident caused by Del stumbling out of the prison truck.

Elaine Connelly — A friend of Paul in the present-day nursing home where he tells his story. That he might have a conscience. And you had to wear a special yellow jumper just so you would be humiliated. His nickname of "Brutal" is intended as ironyas he is normally calm and soft-spoken.

Anyway, even though I criticize King rather harshly, I still love King. Other characters[ edit ] Arthur "The President" Flanders — An inmate on death row, convicted of killing his father in an insurance-fraud scheme.In The Green Mile, although there are some minor changes between the novel and the film's script, I think Stephen King's intent is preserved in the movie.

There are minor changes that do not. The Green Mile Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

Book Review: The Green Mile By Stephen King

This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Related Titles on The Green Mile by Stephen King. Preview of The Green Mile Summary: Although King depicts the moral issues.

They call death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary “The Green Mile.” John Coffey, sentenced to die for the rape and murder of two young girls, is the latest addition to the Mile. Paul Edgecomb, the ward superintendent, discovers that there is more to John Coffey than meets the eye, for this.

The Green Mile is around pages long, which is not an unusually lengthy work for Mr King.

The Green Mile Themes

What is unusual though, is the fact that the novel was originally printed in serial form, as a kind of experiment.

Death on the Chair Stephen King’s novel “The Green Mile” presents a story surrounding death penalty, depicted with “reality” & “cruelty”. Image Credit-Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more Remember the scene of the cruel death.

The Green Mile, Stephen King The Green Mile is a serial novel by American writer Stephen King. It tells the story of death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe's encounter with John Coffey, an unusual inmate who displays inexplicable healing and empathetic abilities/5.

An analysis of the novel the green mile by stephen king
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