Amy mainzer single

Women like this make me sick. I refuse to worship this person or respect her. However I assume that any man with less than a PhD or some ivy league college diploma need not apply right? A woman who has dedicated herself to building her community and making a happy and secure home.

Amy Mainzer

I guess they were not pretty or as well decorated. I would rather have a woman with no degree who has succeeded in inspiring her children. The character of a person makes the person not "three degrees" from crappy california schools. Regardless of interest or intellect, due to the corrupt culture of the West and the ridiculous double standards that exist for women, they are all guilty until proven innocent in my book.

And yes I know the ones well. Too bad all of the people involved in developing such a device are not credited. For me there is nothing special about her. Perhaps Nasa did not feel that they were not special enough to be given their own Rock in space or tv spots. I guess their interest in science is invalid.

Lets just say I have had a relationship with some of those schools and know them well. I am not surprised that she is single and shall remain so and or divorced.

No man wants this kind of woman. They are arrogant and roll in the attention and limelight they are given. But sadly its all about titles, degrees and fame now. Out of all of the females i have known from such centers of education. This so sums up a lot in what is incorrect about the usa.

August 1st,1: She obviously is very privileged though I do take offense to the idea that she developed that light camera alone. ALL of them are single and or divorced. The image of the other one welding the auto sent shivers down my spine.

Just another example of spectacle. I remember when people use to work together as a team with the goal of benefiting humanity. I want a woman who is balanced not an overachiever who obviously has clearly been handed opportunities based on the novelty of her interests.

I attended and spent time around ivy league colleges and I can tell you that these women are total scum.The latest Tweets from Amy Mainzer (@AmyMainzer). Scientist. Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Amy Mainzer, Self: For the Love of Spock. Amy Mainzer is an American astronomer, specializing in astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy. She holds a Bachelors degree with honors in Phyisics, and Masters and Ph.D degrees in Astronomy. Dr.

Name a hotter scientist than Amy Mainzer

Mainzer is a research scientist working on different projects at NASA's Jet. Amy Mainzer NEOWISE Principal Investigator Education B.S.

in Physics, Stanford University, with honors () M.S. in Astronomy, California Institute of Technology () Ph.D.

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in Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles () Research Interests Asteroids, comets, brown dwarfs, planetary atmospheres Design and construction of.

32 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘amymainzer’ hashtag. May 17,  · Happier Abroad Forum Community. Her name is Amy Mainzer and she is an astrophysicist for NASA.

She's on the History Channel a lot in their "Universe" series. As far as I know, she's still single. You can write her and propose if you want. I think she has a public email? lol. Nov 23,  · Hate to tell you this, pal, but Dr.

Amy Mainzer, whom I adore, is a lesbian. Now before you flame me, do some research. I'll point you in the right direction.

Amy mainzer single
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