Accident identification system using gsm

Before you embark upon building Accident Detection and Messaging System you have to select the same baud rate of GSM and GPS device, but if you are using different baud rate module or device you will face some problem related with the baud rate.

Can we add sensors with this project? Saddam Khan The main aim of the project Accident Detection and Messaging System is to inform the Ambulance and Police of the accident site and arrange for necessary steps to control the situation.

For example the person near the driver or backseat. In this system we have used two different baud rates: This information is mentioned in the project report which you will get with the project. This will inform the microcontroller that this is a very normal accident and then system will not send sms.

Vibration sensor module sends active low signal when the accident occurs. Yes, we can enhance this project. So we have used a comparator, this comparator has a fixed voltage at its positive input. The output pin of Vibration sensor is connected with pin number 9 of Arduino.

In this project we have added alcohol sensor. The output of alcohol sensor is variable voltage. We can monitor some parameters of vehicle like overheat or LPG gas leakage 2. But if driver is not in situation to press the switch or if the accident is really a major accident then driver will not press the key and then system will send SMS.

Purpose of Alcohol sensor is to detect the consumption of alcohol by driver of vehicle.

Accident Detection And Messaging System Using GSM And GPS

Then it will send this information to the GSM modem. The rw pin of LCD is directly connected with ground. Video of the project: To make this process all the controls are made using Arduino whereas a LCD is used to display the coordinates. This accident detection unit consists of two metallic plates which are kept at little distance apart from each other.

In case of accident, if the car is hit to some other vehicle or an object then due to the impact the two metal plates will come in contact with each other.

LPG gas sensor, Temperature sensor etc. Which GSM modem is used in this project? Sensor detects only the percentage of alcohol in air which is near the steering wheel. This system is not only efficient but also worthy to be implemented. If the accident is very normal, or driver has jsut hit the wall in some situations like parking then driver will press the key.

Then it sends out SMS to the owner of the car indicating that the driver has consumed the alcohol. The alcohol sensor will be placed on the steering wheel of the car. As the alcohol percentage increases the voltage will also increase. Due to this a signal will be sent to microcontroller.

And when person has consumed the alcohol, voltage will increase.

This result in delaying the help reached to the person suffered due to an accident. This SMS will also contain the longitude and latitude. And at the negative input, voltage from output of analog alcohol sensor is given. If person other than driver has consumed alcohol then sensor will not detect the presence of alcohol.

Microcontroller receives the coordinates from the GPS modem. We can add these Modules: Then how can we interface both modems to microcontroller because the output of max of one modem is connected to rxd pin ofbut has only 1 rxd pin then how can we do it? The microcontroller has only 1 rxd and 1 txd pins on p3.Intelligent accident identification and location display system using ARM 93 | Page Accident detection: (a).

Vibration sensor: For accident detection we are using a vibration switch which internally buffers a. are used to trace the vehicle perfectly and here GSM is used to send the exact location of the vehicle and send alert or relax message to this remote device [1](mobile phone).

To detect the accident, accelerometer sensor determinedused. So, when accident happens, this sensor will be active. And the information sends to microcontroller.

Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS and GSM modem

Wireless Accident Information System Using GSM and GPS R. Rathinakumar and D. Manivannan School of Computing, Sastra University, Thanjavur, India Abstract: This study discusses about designing a Smart Display and Control (SDC) which will monitor the zone and maintains the specified speed in the zone levels, which runs on.

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Accident identification system using gsm
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