A review of my diary for october 06 1999

I carried a gas mask for the first time as I did not know whether I could get in the films and I knew my father would not want me to have a long argument, which I should have done had I been alone.

Thank god for that new tape measure. She calls herself an actress, though there is a little evidence in the diary of her working, at least until after the war, though she does visit, and write about, the theatre often.

Lots of stories of doggy ill health going around amongst the dogwalkers!!! Moved the car so he could pull up outside and then helped get everything unloaded and in the kitchen and living room.

All millions of pieces of a complicated puzzle to try and work out in the right sequence!! What have I done!!

PCd and deleted in the region of eighty really! I bet I know what that was.

Discworld's Ankh Morpork City Watch Diary 1999

All that climbing around on the thin, bending ceiling rafters when I was doing the work to put the suspended floor in the attic, made things worse. They neither carry nor know anything of arms, for I showed them swords, and they took them by the blade and cut themselves through ignorance.

I saw no beast of any kind except parrots, on this island. All this expense and nothing to show for it except a huge mess everywhere! Air-raid suits going out of fashion 26 August Start out with the intention of buying an air-raid suit for me.

PCd just a bit of this in the layers of dust!! If it was gonna collapse, it was gonna collapse by now. I need to race to get stuff done before that ceiling colapses any more, and before the weather gets too cold and every bit of heat in the house goes straight out through the draughty attic.

They shortened sail, and lay by under the mainsail without the bonnets. The audience was pathetically small and had to applaud like mad.

Guardian review

Gonna have to keep an eye on that. Well - it turns out that the good old Post Office grrrr are to blame! They are very well made, with very handsome bodies, and very good countenances.

I think he deliberately did more for my peace of mind than he did for Sally! I suppose I really should have returned that cheap Wickes one and asked for a refund - but I feel as though I deserve to suffer the loss for having been stupid enough to buy it in the first place. They paint themselves black, and they are the colour of the Canarians, neither black nor white.

The bike club held parties in there on a couple of occasions!!! Raced up to the PC and looked up the Fernlea vet site and read up on what to do with an out of hours emergency. Aha - a substancial dribble of water escaping from beneath the cistern.

Dah, dit, dah, dit, dah, dit All of a sudden there was a cat in the dark down the bottom of the field, and Sally chased off after it into the hedge like normal!! Ronni Barker died this day.

The field is covered! Actually seemed to take absolutely ages to do the booking in thing before at last we went into a room for the vet to examine her. The last time I went down there was with ML and a couple of others from work, I think it was.

On the first one, he explored the Caribbean islands. I was given some antibiotics for her, told to go see my own vet in a couple of days return there sooner if I had any worries and was soon paying the bill.

Mum called to tell me to put the TV on to watch the special the BBC breakfast program was doing, on police dogs. Made sure everything stayed put, by double screwing all the rafters to the timber beam as well. Turned out to be IHB popping in for a chat while his car was in having a new exhaust at the Quickfit place.

Booked an appointment as suggested for a weeks time, to have her staples removed. The ton bag fitted right over the cement mixer like a glove - as if it were made for it. Was telephoned by a pacifist friend who invited me to a meeting. He said he was going to close the shop next week as he does not like the raids and he thinks they are going on indefinitely.A diary of my days laid bare for all to see.

October 1 - Woken by Sally around amwalked in the strong cool breeze under a blue billsimas.com have been Dads birthday today. Only one (besides mine) I can ever remember without having to look it up - and he goes and dies on us!:o!put in a few hours working in the attic. The Diary Review (along with its companion websites And so made significant and The Diary Junction) are maintained privately without any funding or advertising.

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Diary of June (Hangul: 6월의 일기; RR: Yuwolui ilgi; also known as Bystanders) is a South Korean mystery-crime film starring Shin Eun-kyung, Yunjin Kim and Eric Mun.

[2] [3] The film was released to South Korean cinemas December 1st, where it received a total ofadmissions nationwide. This diary and handbook ensures that those noble defenders of the greatest city of the Discworld need never be late for a crime again. It is a fully-functioning diary with dates, holidays (including pagan holidays), notes and year planner/5(2).

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding () Paperback – And while I am not looking to start any debate about weight issues with my review, I do feel that when you are around pounds, you don't have much to complain about as far as being fat goes. out of 5 stars Justine’s Book Diary: A Review.4/5().

A review of my diary for october 06 1999
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